We know healthcare. We know software.

Data Soft Logic was founded and is managed by a team of people that have experience in various levels of post-acute care. Agency owners, billers, coders, and nurses all work together to make sure our software solutions meet the needs of agencies of all sizes.  We know what its like to struggle and grow as a small agency, and we know what it takes to maximize the efficiency of a large agency. We’ve taken our combined experience and commitment to bettering patient care and delivered intelligent software solutions to healthcare providers all over the country for over 14 years.

We’ve designed our solutions so your team can get their work done faster, handle a larger census, and provide better patient care. From owners, to administrators, to billers, to coders, to nurses, and even HR, the tools your home health or hospice agency needs to thrive in a competitive market are well thought out and delivered to agencies just like yours nationwide. If you’re just getting started, well help you grow. If you already have the stresses of a large agency, we’ll help you maximize your efficiency and streamline your processes. We believe your success is our success.

Incredible tools at your fingertips.

Watch “Medicare Coverage and Payment for Virtual Services” from CMS and learn about the telehealth services benefit.

Using Data Soft Logic Products comes with its perks.

Our solutions come with Verify Centre, an integrated mobile app that provides for better point of care connectivity and visit verification. Sign up today and you’ll get Olympus Cloud, our integrated Medicare connectivity tool at no extra cost, too. You’ll be able to do eligibility checks and let Olympus Cloud handle automated ongoing eligibility checks to make sure you get paid for the work you do. Olympus cloud can submit claims for your agency too. Tired of waiting for your 999 and 835? With Olympus Cloud you’ll have a response within minutes!