Avoid Claim Denials Using These 5 Tips

If you've been in the business of delivering home health and/or hospice care for quite some time like our conference attendees last April 21-22, 2022 during the NGS 2022 Update for Home Health and Hospice, [...]

Data Soft Logic: What Agencies Say About Us

Providing excellent service and support to our agency partners is one of Data Soft Logic’s mandates. Only through regular conversations and feedback sessions with our partners can we continuously innovate and improve our software solutions [...]

How TPEs and ADRs Matter to You

Health is wealth - this is especially true in the United States, where healthcare costs are one of the most expensive in the world. More often than not, staggering medical costs drive people into poverty. [...]

Why Data Soft Logic is A Consultant’s Choice

Consultancy is one of the sectors which has proven itself to thrive regardless of market conditions. In the healthcare industry, consultants are hired to assist clients with decision-making. Contrary to how some people view it, [...]

Why Agencies Are Switching to Data Soft Logic

Technology makes people’s lives easier. Nowadays, if you have a business, it is crucial you keep up with the latest technologies to be successful. If you are in the business of providing home health and [...]

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