The use of point-of-care technology has a direct impact on the quality of health care. Technology enables home health and hospice providers to be more informed while rendering their services.

How does point-of-care technology improve services at home health and hospice agencies?

  • Reducing medical error by allowing clinicians to access data at point-of-care
  • Patient medical data can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • The billing cycle is reduced because the medical data can be entered at point-of-care
  • Improved coordination between medical teams

In the natural order of things, point-of-care technology fits into society perfectly. In an on-demand world where we can select our tv shows, order food for delivery, and find good deals in our area, all from the palm of our hands, it seems natural that home health and hospice providers can leverage technology to deliver the convenience of every day living to the healthcare delivery model.

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A well designed technology can give people the time to be more human again.