If you are a home health or hospice software user, chances are you are using a Windows PC at the office. Make sure you uninstall QuickTime for Windows today!

Apple has decided to stop supporting QuickTime for Windows. This doesn’t just mean that they won’t be updating it to stay compatible on your PC, it also means it could leave security vulnerabilities open for people to attack. And, well, since you probably have HIPAA protected data on your computer, your safest bet is to uninstall QuickTime ASAP.

There is already 2 vulnerabilities that have been identified and they won’t ever get patched (since Apple stopped supporting it). Its only a matter of time before more vulnerabilities are found. (which also won’t get patched) At the moment, there are no known attacks using the vulnerabilities but its probably a good idea to uninstall QuickTime as soon as you can.

Its important you keep your home health, hospice, or therapy agency’s computer’s secure. Double check your PC’s to make sure that QuickTime isn’t on there. If it is, get rid of it. You should have every computer in your network checked.