Learning never stops. And it never should because there’s always one more thing. This April, through our Tuesday Tutorial sessions, DSL’s Webinar Learning Series aimed at getting agencies to maximize Hospice Centre’s many features and functionalities for their daily care provision, we were able to share not just one but two key learnings about our intelligent care solution. In two more installments of Tuesday Tutorials, we discussed how agencies can be more efficient in their documentation through templates and how they can prepare for surveys. To give you a rundown of what transpired during our learning sessions, here are some highlights:

April 21: Documentation Efficiency Through Templates

Through Hospice Centre’s templates, agencies can make their documentation more efficient. Our templates can standardize your records, serve as a springboard for your documentation, provide you with greater convenience, and expedite the completion of your tasks. They are also customizable, which means you can still record unique or non-standard data without the hassle. Some of the most useful templates of Hospice Centre are the Medication Templates which act as your agency’s formulary, allow rapid entry and bundling, like for comfort kits, and are accessible on your Orders, Initial Plan of Care (IPOC), and Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) pages. Another type of HC template is the Narrative Template which includes physician orders, collaboration notes, and non-coverage reasons. Hospice Centre also has the Symptom Management Pathways, our documentation-assist tool for hospice symptoms and intervention management. Lastly, we have the Note Templates, which allow you to grant access based on discipline and visit type and copy from previous notes for easier recording.  

April 26: Preparing for Surveys

Agencies are advised to prepare for surveys by setting up a Surveyor user account in Hospice Centre. You can easily do this in a few steps. First, add a Surveyor role via your Admin page. Second, review the permission settings and determine which data you would give access to for the role. You can either hide or show document status (e.g., In Progress) and buttons which means your surveyor’s access may look different from other users. Third, you can assign patients to your surveyor by going to your Admin page and clicking Assign Patients to User. From the list of your patients, you can then choose which ones will be assigned to your surveyor. Fourth, you can change period & intake access settings to limit or widen your surveyor’s view. We also discussed the survey preparation materials during the webinar, which your surveyor will review during the on-site survey, including ACHC, CHAP, and Joint Commission document lists.

Let Hospice Centre fuel your passion for compassion by providing you with intelligent and customer-focused EMR capabilities. Join us at our next Tuesday Tutorial sessions in June to learn more about what Hospice Centre can do for you. Tuesdays are “choose-to-learn” days. Choose Data Soft Logic and learn with us. Contact us to schedule a demo.