We know what you say matters, and we appreciate it when you say good things.
Refer an agency to us that becomes a Data Soft Logic customer and we will thank you with a $1000 reward. (Reward applies to referrals submitted on or after May 16, 2016. Previously submitted referrals will receive $500 as advertised.)

Its simple, start referring and earning today.
1. Contact your friend and find out if their agency can benefit from Data Soft Logic.  It helps to share your experience with our products.
2. Let him or her know that a Data Soft Logic sales executive will contact them.
3. Complete the referral form below.
4. A Data Soft Logic sales executive will contact your friend. If your friend becomes a customer within 90 days, and stays in good financial standing for 2 months, we will reward you with $1000.

Spread The Word.
1.To be eligible for the reward, the agency you refer must become a Data Soft Logic customer within 90 days of your referral, and remain in good financial standing for 2 months. (See Term # 8 for Pre-Survey agencies.)
2. The agency you refer must not have received a sales contract from Data Soft in the previous 3 months.
3. The agency you refer must confirm that you are the referral source prior to making signing a contract with Data Soft Logic.
4. Referrals can only be registered by using the referral website www.datasoftlogic.com/spread-the-word
5.You must register your referral before we contact the agency.
6. If you are a principal or employee of the agency you are referring, you consent to receiving fax or e-mail advertisement from Data Soft Logic. You may opt out from receiving faxes or e-mails at anytime by contacting us at [email protected], calling us toll free at 866.430.0263, or faxing us at 626.921.5032. You may also unsubscribe from receiving e-mails by clicking the links provided to unsubscribe at the bottom of every e-mail advertisement. If you are unsatisfied with the opt-out service provided in any way (this includes but is not limited to: inability to contact someone to process your request, timely processing of your opt out request, or unclear or inadequate opt-out notices, you agree to contact us directly at [email protected] before pursuing any litigation regarding your receipt of fax or e-mail advertisements. Data Soft Logic agrees to appropriately and lawfully respond to any and all requests regarding e-mail and fax communications.
7.Rewards cannot be applied to a Data Soft Logic account.
8.If the referred agency is Pre-Survey, the referral amount will be awarded once the agency is Medicare-certified with two months of Data Soft Logic service paid in full.
9.The IRS considers this taxable compensation. Accordingly, Data Soft Logic requires each recipient to complete a W-9 so that we may provide this information to the IRS via a 1099-MISC. Should Data Soft Logic submit this information to the IRS, you will also receive a 1099-MISC mailed to the address on the W-9.

Data Soft Logic reserves the right to amend, adjust, change, or discontinue any and all terms of this program at its sole discretion without prior notice. Data Soft Logic retains sole authority to interpret all aspects of the referral program including, but not limited to, criteria, eligibility, amount, and whether payments will be made.