The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on now for almost two years.  And with the discovery of the Omicron variant, the end may not be as near as we thought. Despite its continued impact however on many institutions’ operations, the home health and hospice sectors carry on with providing care to patients, bravely surviving amidst this pandemic.

In 2021, the need to socially distance and contain the spread of the virus paved the way for the steady rise of technology care models such as virtual care and remote patient monitoring which enabled providers to still care for patients while keeping their staff safe. The demand for these care models together with Data Soft Logic’s passion for compassion has led to our growth this 2021.

As we end the year, we are happy to be sharing with you some feathers in our caps which were made possible by improving our solutions to serve you better.

DSL’s client base grew by 17%.

We are beyond ecstatic to share that our client base of both home health and hospice agencies increased by an astounding 17%. This is  significant growth from last year’s numbers despite the COVID-19 pandemic – a testament to the fact that Data Soft Logic and its intelligent care solutions continue to earn and keep the trust of our new and existing partners.

DSL expanded to 23% more states.

Because we know our solutions can help agencies become more time-, cost-, and process-efficient in their care delivery, we decided to expand to new territories. Data Soft Logic’s intelligent care solutions are now available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming – a total of 16 states being served by Data Soft Logic in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSL deployed more comprehensive and compliant features and improvements to make work easier and more efficient.

Data Soft Logic continues to deliver innovative and customer-centric solutions. In fact, Hospice Centre just launched a more comprehensive, more compliant, and more convenient version of its Clinical Notes, CAP Report Calculator, and QAPI modules. Improvements to these features were anchored on surveyor comments and customer experience to ensure Hospice Centre is suited to your agency’s workflow. On the other hand, Home Health Centre launched its Notice of Admission (NOA) feature in preparation for the anticipated NOA changes this 2022. We want you to be ready for any policy changes and updates and we are here to support you throughout the process. To know more about the NOA changes, check out this webinar.

All of us proved our strength this year by turning challenges into opportunities. As we turn over a new leaf, Data Soft Logic commits to continue supporting home health and hospice agencies in taking on the challenges and changes 2022 will bring by providing you with innovative and customer-centric solutions. Trust that we understand your struggles and we’ll continue to be the software always on your side. Let us all grow together this 2022.

To find out how Data Soft Logic can be your partner in delivering quality patient care while ensuring your agency’s sustainability, schedule a demo with us.