Providing excellent service and support to our agency partners is one of Data Soft Logic’s mandates. Only through regular conversations and feedback sessions with our partners can we continuously innovate and improve our software solutions to suit your needs better. We seek to gain and keep your trust in us, and we appreciate it when you give us honest feedback on our services. As such, we launched our Customer Feedback Request campaign last year, and today, we are happy to share with you what your fellow agencies have to say about DSL:

  • Intelligent and Intuitive 

Our software solutions are comprehensive, highly intuitive, user-friendly, and designed to follow your agency’s workflow. This claim has time and time again, been validated by the astounding amount of feedback we received from our partners and surveyors. The administrator of Family Care Home Health Agency, Inc., shared that “DSL’s advanced system is very user-friendly and makes day-to-day operations and the survey period easier to manage.” We received the same comments on its ease of navigation and use from Care Connection Home Home Health Agency, Inc., Capital Hospice Care, Good Shepherd Home Health, LLC, California Nursing Care Services, Inc., Dependable Home Health, Inc., and CaringEdge Hospice of Casper, LLC, among others. Surveyors have repeatedly commended DSL software solutions’ organization and documentation capabilities which translate to and reflect the caliber of quality care our agency partners provide.

  • Survey-Proven

Regulation changes over time, putting health care agencies under scrutiny more than ever. Thanks to the accrediting bodies who secure healthcare quality by checking on these compliances, agencies can assure patients and the general public. At Data Soft Logic, we want to provide the best assistance to your agency at these times. Agencies can come to us anytime for help on reports and data needed for agency surveys. Take, for example, Privilege Home Healthcare which recently passed its survey with the Joint Commission. One of their employees remarked that “DSL has helped us integrate our challenges with one software solution, making the survey organized.” To give you a glimpse of how survey friendly our solutions are, here is some more feedback straight from our partners:

“We’ve already known about Hospice Centre even before this survey. The survey went well, and everything was fine. The agency had no deficiencies.” – Joint Commission Survey

 “The surveyor had no issues, and she could navigate the system to find what she needed easily. She commented on an “excellent service” for the agency and found minor deficiencies.” – Administrator, St. Joseph Care Hospice Services, Inc. 

“DSL was very instrumental in the success of the accreditation survey.” – Dayspring Healthcare


  • Exemplary Customer Service

DSL has a highly trained customer service team that can promptly address and resolve agencies’ concerns during the initial call. With the longest customer support hours in the industry, agencies can directly interact with a live agent to provide quality and fast technical support. We also make it easier for our partners to lodge a technical support ticket by filling out a form. Our agency partners have attested to this exemplary customer service support, as you can see from the following comments:

“Customer Support is a huge plus, providing answers and resolutions quickly. The survey went well; perfect.” – Osprey Hospice

 “DSL guided us in meeting CMS standards which were instrumental in our achievement. Plus, their Customer Support Team was always available and ready to help.” – CEO/Administrator, E.C. Lilly Palliative Care, and Hospice Care Agency, Inc.

 “DSL always provides our agency’s needs, and they were very helpful.” – Director of Patient Care Services, Gidda’s Home Health Services, Inc.

Your Data Soft Logic team thrives on feedback. We strive to provide you with intelligent software solutions that lessen your everyday healthcare struggles. Help us help you by letting us know what you think about our solutions. Schedule a demo with us to see how we can assist you.