Marketing a business is usually a pretty simple procedure. Advertise what your business does good, right? Seems straight forward. But, Home Care marketing can be seen as a tricky situation. There is a lot of positive that can be said about your home care agency like enhancing independence and providing quality care, but a lot of times home care agencies have to deal with difficult and sensitive issues like Alzheimers or incontinence care.

It is important at these times to not make you’re efforts feels like a “doom and gloom” situation. Doing this often times is easier said then done. Some helpful pointers from Corecubed’s Aging Marketing Blog can help home health and hospice agencies drive their marketing content towards success.

Core cubed tells us that we should:

  • consider our language
  • focus on soltuions
  • tell it like it is
  • when necessary contact marketing professionals

For a closer look at Corecubed’s blog click here.

A good marketing program is necessary for your home health as the industry becomes more competitive. Its important to understand that marketing is not a singular approach. In order to succeed fully you should cover all your bases. This means, in person and online. Make sure your agency has a good web-presence because a lot the decision makers are going to be your client’s children. Also, make sure you have a good relationship with referring physician’s in your area because that is truly the start of the pipeline. It might be a good idea to show them how easy their life can be if you are using a software that is physician friendly.

While quality of care should be the core focus of your agency, you can’t ignore marketing! Let’s face it, if you don’t have any clients, you won’t be providing anyone quality care. Your agency does good work, don’t keep it a secret!

Data Soft Logic software includes solutions that help home health and hospice agencies keep track of market sources for their agencies so that they can help identify marketing opportunities and ensure a healthy client referral program to improve census numbers.