Keeping your home health or hospice agency’s staff happy is important to your success (and probably HHCAPS rating). Here’s some tips on how you can keep them happy.

Ask for Their Input

Any easy way to start would be to ask your employees! They are the people that know most what it would take to keep them happy, so, asking them seems like a logical step towards your goal here. HAPPY  EMPLOYEES!

Get Personal

Taking the time to be one-on-one with your employees is important. Even if it is just a short conversation at the start of a day or a quick bite to eat after work, these personal moments will give you a better connection with your employees and give you the opportunity to gain some insight into how they feel the fit into your organization.

Offer a Career Pathway

Make sure you are offering your employees training and opportunities to advance their career. Employees tend to be happier if they know the work they are doing and agency they are a part of can offer them upward career mobility. Before you were an agency owner, you were probably an RN, maybe a case manager next, and then worked your way up to owning an agency. Give your employees the same opportunities!

Recognize Employees

When your employees put in extra efforts to help your agency succeed, RECOGNIZE them. Give them thankyou’s, maybe a gift certificate for a nice dinner, or an extra day off here and there. Employees like it when you know they are doing a good job and you acknowledge it.

Creating a positive, collaborative environment at your home health or hospice agency is important to ensure that your employees are happy. And we should remember, that happy employees usually result in more positive patient contact, which will result in better  HHCAPS scores, and may wind up giving you more clients. Treating your employees right isn’t just good for your employees, its good for your business.

We have happy employees at Data Soft Logic because we have implemented all these ideas at our business. Take it from us, being happy lets us a deliver a product. Your staff being happy will let you deliver better care.