In order to succeed in any business having good referral sources may be one of the most important things. It doesn’t matter if you are selling tires (you’d want a good referral relationship with towing companies) or if you are providing in home care services. Referrals are important to growing your client base.

Here’s 8 Tips you should use when you are working with you’re potential referral sources for your home health, hospice, or therapy agency.

Schedule a one-to-one meeting.

Getting some alone time with your referral source is a great opportunity. Remember, don’t make this meeting entirely about your business. Find out more about your referral source and their business and interests. You should probably prepare some questions ahead of time so the conversation can flow smoothly.

Thank you cards.

A hand-written thank you card is a nice touch. Remember to mention what you are thanking them for.

Get on the phone!

It’s a good idea to get on the phone every once in a while and stay in touch with you’re referral sources. Don’t always make it about getting more referrals. If you read something or see something that pertains to your source’s business, go ahead and let your source know about. It will be nice for them to know that you are thinking about them and their business, not just the referrals you want them to send your way.

Remember to take their brochure.

Its a good idea to ask for a few of your referral sources brochures and let them know that you would like to display it at your agency. This may be the best way to get that source to display your brochure at their business. Referral sources are more likely to refer if they you know you are referring to them as well.

Nominate them for an award.

Opportunities like these come around every once in a while. There is almost no better way to show your appreciation for a referral source than nominating them for an award. The acclaim and accolade can help their business and they will be thankful for the nomination.

Refer to them.

The more you refer to them, the more likely they are to refer to you. Simple as that.

Remember, getting the first referral might be easy but it is the constant work of maintaining this relationship that will help your agency grow its census. So, it doesn’t matter if you are providing home health services, hospice services, therapy services, or selling tires, strengthen and maintain your referral relationships!

Data Soft Logic software solutions include features that can help you keep track of your referral sources so that you can see which relationships are working well and which you may need to pay more attention to. Your census matters, so your software should help you grow those numbers.

The relationships you build and maintain are the ones that are going to help your agency succeed.