Remember the days when you had a pen, a form, and a clipboard? Cycling back through various notes and looking for charts with those beautiful red tabs? Thank God you were saved by the software you were able to install on your computer. It couldn’t get any better. Then it did. Cloud based software came along and you started being able to log in with ANY computer from ANYWHERE. It was amazing. It was a brave new world. Then the healthcare community saw the trend of mobile apps! If millions of people were playing Candy Crush why couldn’t be people using apps on their mobile devices to assist in delivering healthcare. The app world has seen an influx of mobile apps. Nearly every home health and hospice software provider has an app that syncs up with their offering. Have you checked out Verify Centre for Data Soft Logic? Geo-verify check in and check out. Patient Signature. Visit Notes. Automatic Syncing. Offline Capabilities. So, next time you are playing Candy Crush hit the apple store or google play and download Verify Centre. Start making your life easier. We are proud to be amongst the software vendors that are leading the industry towards smarter, more efficient technology solutions.

*make sure you are downloading the right version of Verify Centre. (We have one for home health and one for hospice)

We have just hit the iceberg on the way that technology and innovation is going to positively impact the healthcare community.