Facebook, Twitter, and Candy Crush? Probably 3 of the most famous apps in the world. Who would have thought that convenience of these 3 apps is something that healthcare IT firms would bring to the market? Software vendors across the board have looked at the benefits of putting healthcare into the palm of people everywhere and this has had a dramatic impact on healthcare already and we can expect it to go even further.

Better Care Coordination

From the basics that agency management software vendors provide, like billing, charting, sending and receiving orders, private messaging and so forth, there is WHOLE NEW WORLD of technology that has impacted healthcare. There are apps that offer translation. Imagine that a doctor and patient can speak to each other in different languages through an app without the need for translators. How about apps specifically designed for private messaging between doctors and patients? There is a slew of apps that are specifically designed to open up the communication channels between health care providers, patients, loved ones, and any one else in the network.

On Demand Care

Its amazing that you can literally use apps to connect to a doctor WHENEVER YOU WANT. You don’t need to go to urgent care, or wait for an appointment. You can just launch the app and it will connect you to a doctor via video or phone call. This totally changes the meaning of “going to see the doctor.” There’s also apps that let you ask general questions to doctors whenever you want. This kind of communication channel and readily available medical advice will seriously change the way healthcare is delivered.

Business Models

With the influx of intelligent apps, health care providers have been changing their business models. Referral tracking apps, visit verification apps, patient signature apps, and so on and so forth have given providers access to data and visibility that they can use to help streamline their business. They are able to identify gaps in efficiency and focus on these areas. The actionable intelligence provided by these apps has improved the efficiency of providers across the board.

The home health, hospice, and therapy sectors are keeping their palms open to see what software app developers will come up with next to help their agency. Stay tuned to see how tele-health is going to affect the healthcare delivery market too.