Why should your agency be using Visit Verification.Sure, GPS visit verification is a cool little feature of some home health software companies. But is it more than just a sales gimmick? ABSOLUTELY. Here’s some reasons why your agency should be using a software that include Visit Verification functionality.

Fraud Prevention

Electronic Visit Verification can be a good tool to prevent fraud. Your agency will have GPS based verification of each visit which would make it much harder to “fake” or fabricate visits to receive payment. Having the visit verification in place is good protection in case your agency is undergoing an audit or review.


Some states already require Electronic Visit Verification and it is very possible that this requirement might meet your state sometime soon. Its good to have the foresight and start using visit verification so if and when the requirement comes to your state your agency is has already implemented it and can maneuver the requirement with no issues.


Being able to GPS verify visits will enable you to know that your staff is actually making a visit where and when they are supposed to. It lends to greater visibility of your staffs actions and will help you identify staff that may not be able to deal with the schedule you have in place.

Fringe Benefits

Depending on the App your agency is using, you may have some fringe benefits. This can include point-of-care charting which can help your team coordinate care in real time. If you are using Data Soft Logic’s home health software and our Visit Verify you will also have the ability to do offline charting in the event you are in a location with no internet service. This will be able to sync up when you are back in a location with internet access.

Overall, GPS visit verification can be a great tool to increase efficiency, accountability, and quality of care. If you’re not already using it, your agency should seriously consider this aspect of your business environment. We have a team of experts that develop and maintain our visit verification system so your agency can benefit from the latest in technology.