Communication is important in any business, and being a software vendor in the healthcare sector, we understand how vital it is to our clients success. Here’s some of the languages we speak at Data Soft Logic.

Home Health and Hospice

Our team is made of experts in the hospice and home health industries. We have home health and hospice owners, expert billers, industry consultants, compliance experts, legal experts, and partners that all work together to design a software that has the tools and integrations your agency needs.

Cloud Architecture

We have a team of experts in cloud architecture that design and maintain our systems with HIPAA compliance, multiple redundant backups, clusters, co-location, differential backups, networking, SSD caching,  high availability,  and so much much more, so YOU don’t have to worry about it.

Database Architecture

Sitting on top of our cloud is your database. Our database administrators are a select group of programmers that know how to maximize the way your database should be organized to give your agency the maximum speed and reliability possible.

Software Architecture

We have specialists that design the framework that our code sits on. This framework is the design that maintains the processes that our code runs on. The better the design, the better everything works. We are constantly working on making sure that the system is sitting on the latest, safest, fastest, architecture available. In case you’re a techy, ASP.NET is what this is all about in our world.


Our code is written by another group of programmers that write at the highest of standards to ensure that your agency has to deal with minimal errors and also gets the benefits of speed and stability that elegantly and efficiently written code can produce in a program.


This might be the most important language we speak at Data Soft Logic. Its the language that makes sure all the other languages our departments speak is delivered properly throughout the company so that the needs of each department is translated accurately. This is the language that plugs all the pieces together to deliver our clients the best software user experience possible.

The best way to describe us, is multilingual. We understand all the languages we need to so we can deliver you the best software on the market.