At Data Soft Logic we have chosen to use ASP.NET as the framework of our hospice software, home health software, and therapy software. Want to know why?

You know how to run your home health or hospice agency, it’s what you do. When you are looking for a software vendor, you aren’t looking for someone to tell you how to run your agency, you are looking for someone that can create a software that helps you run your agency. This is our core competency at Data Soft Logic. We aren’t a home health consulting company that decided to try to produce a software. We aren’t programmers that decided to try to create a software for health care. We are a combination of health professionals and technology experts that understood that combining these strengths was the way to produce the best software we could. One should not be leading the other, it should be parallel in order to create a truly effective software.

Our programming side ultimately made the decision to provide our web based software solutions on an ASP.NET framework. Here’s why.


EHR’s can be quite large applications, especially if they are providing complete agency management across all clinical disciplines. ASP.NET is a good framework for building large applications as its design usually requires less coding than other platforms.


Powered by windows authentication and configuration means that our applications are secure and safe, a serious concern in the HIPAA landscape our clients operate in.


With built in caching, optimization, compilation, and other features it provides our clients with a faster user experience. This coupled with the fact that it is a server side technology allows our super-machines to handle the bulk of the work so your computer and browser doesn’t have to.


With features like RUNTIME that manage processes it keeps our system running smoothly, which means things are smoother on our home health and hospice clients end. It also monitors memory leaks and other performance issues and if something gets out of hand it auto-destroys the function so the system retains more stability.

At Data Soft Logic, when we built our software offerings for home health, hospice, and therapy agencies we chose ASP.NET framework so that our clients could benefit from all of the advantages of an Enterprise Class software application. Now you can take advantage of our cloud and we can get back to the other decisions we face as a software vendor.

In case you were wondering, our products use MVC(Mode-View-Controller) technology for ultra fast and reliable software with the some of the best unit testing available.