At Data Soft Logic we understand that customer support is important to your home health or hospice agency. When things are going good, they are good. When you call us, you NEED OUR HELP. So how we handle support interactions matters a lot to your agency.

We get it. You are using software to increase your agency’s efficiency and you don’t want to be waiting around forever on hold or waiting days and days for feedback or resolution of your issue. YOU NEED TO GET YOUR WORK DONE. We get it.

After 10 years in business we have learned what a good support organization looks like and we have implemented it. Here’s some of the things we have done.

Multi-Channel Support

We want to be able to support you, the way you want to be supported. So we have given you choices in contacting us. You can click that little support button on the top of the screen right now and create a ticket online. If you prefer calling it in, just use our toll-free number. You can even start a support chat while you are logged into the software. Let’s suppose you don’t feel like doing any of things, you can just e-mail us a support ticket. You have choices. Get support the way you want to.

Phone Systems

We have implemented cloud-based phone systems! What does that mean for you? It means that we are scalable. We can add support agents wherever, and whenever we want. We also have redundant support offices (kind of like how we have redundant copies of our whole infrastructure) so if disaster strikes one of our support locations, not a problem. We still have people answering the phones and able to solve any issues you have. Our business continuity plans ensures your business continuity.

Ticketing System

We scoured the market for the best ticketing system and we deployed it. We understand that you don’t want to call in an issue just to have it float around in a disorganized support office. All of our tickets are funneled through an automated escalation system that will escalate the ticket with no human interaction so you don’t have to worry that the person that answered your call forgetting about your ticket. Our communication systems have been fool-proofed so that your ticket doesn’t get lost in the mix due to oversight. We know that sometimes support agents get busy and may overlook or forget about a ticket, so we put systems in place to eliminate the issue. Your  agency’s ticket will get addressed!

Proactive Resolution

We understand that you may have some issues with using software but you don’t feel like calling the issue in because you don’t see it as seriously impacting your business or you have found a work-around. That isn’t really acceptable to us, so you can expect a call every once in a while from our support desk to see how things are going. Let us know! We are here to help.

Our support desk is dedicated to making sure that your home health or hospice agency isn’t slowed down by our software. You are using our software to increase your agency’s efficiency and we will make sure that is exactly what happens. We get it.