February is the month of love where couples, friends, and family spend quality time together to celebrate and share the love. Here, at Data Soft Logic (DSL), we spread the love of learning through our Tuesday Tutorial. DSL’s Tuesday Tutorial is a webinar learning series aimed at getting agencies to maximize Hospice Centre’s many features and functionalities for your daily care provision. On February 22, 2022, we discussed the frequently asked questions on the Infection Control Report and how Hospice Centre helps agencies through our intelligent features. Here are the highlights of the tutorial:

What is the Infection Control Report?

The Infection Control Report is a document that details the signs and symptoms related to the presence of an infection. This can include cloudy or foul urine, fever or chills, pain and tenderness, vomiting, diarrhea, and many others.

Why is it important?

It is important due to a number of reasons. It identifies the presence of a possible infection, the site of the suspected or actual infection, as well as, the infection’s source and precautions. It also allows the assigned disciplines to document whether the physician or family has been notified. Lastly, it details the treatments that were initiated to control the infection.

How does Hospice Centre’s Infection Control Report feature make the work easier for you?

When accomplishing the report, you can create an entirely new document or base it from any of previously entered infection control reports. Choosing the latter will expedite the process for you as you only need to update the information that has changed since the last reporting.

The most amazing functionality of the Hospice Centre’s Infection Control Report is that it is a smart note which means completion of the document is simplified and input errors or mistakes are significantly reduced. In fact, by clicking the Review/Validate button at the top left of the note, you can easily check if you missed any field. It will not allow you to save the report unless you input the missing data. Hospice Centre also allows you to attach the note to a patient visit for easier monitoring. If a physician order for an antibiotic has been created, the system automatically detects the need for an Infection Control Report and prompts you for one upon saving. This lessens the instances wherein the assigned discipline forgets to file one. Lastly, Hospice Centre’s Infection Control Report augments your QAPI compliance. Some of the related reports you can extract from the software are the Infection Control Statistics which gives you data on your infection count, sites, sources, diagnoses, and other relevant data factors, and the Infection Control Summary which gives you basic information on patients as well as a summary of their infection incidences.

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