What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. The same could be said for this year’s CAHSAH Home Care Administrator Certificate Program and Hospice Administrator Certificate Program held last October 12 – 14, 2021 at the Caesars Palace. By the end of September, the event was sold out and around 200 home health and hospice agencies and other organizations participated. Data Soft Logic, as your Intelligent Care Partner, was beyond happy to be a part of the event as one of its sponsors. If you missed this year’s biggest event, don’t worry as we will share with you what went on in Las Vegas.

Home Care Administrator Certificate Program (HCACP)

The HCACP was a three-day event which ran from October 12 to 14, starting from 7am until 4pm each day. The program is designed and recommended for experienced (at least one year) home care administrative or upper-level management in a Medicare-certified home health agency. The HCACP aims to provide a supportive learning environment for home care senior managers and administrators. It also offers support in the integration of complexities in the quality, financial management, strategic performance, and compliance areas of a home care organization. The topics tackled during the first day of the program are current and future healthcare trends affecting home care, information management, creating a quality-driven organization culture, and home health industry quality analysis. The following day’s topics revolved around financial and clinical management while legal compliance management was the focus of the sessions on the last day.

Hospice Administrator Certificate Program (HACP)

The HACP was a three-day event which ran alongside the HCACP. Same with the latter, target participants are managers, senior administrators, directors, and the upper-level management of hospices. The program aims to strengthen agencies’ competencies to position their organizations for success through the application of data management and analysis methods in the QAPI program, implementation and interpretation of key financial strategies, and the integration of corporate compliance issues with the organization’s financial, clinical, and legal integrity. The sessions revolved around industry data, trends, and strategies on the first day. Hospice financial management was the sole focus of the discussions on the second day and legal compliance management on the third day.

A comprehensive manual which is a must-have resource in running a home health or a hospice agency, was given to each participant. On top of learning the ins and outs of the industry and how these can be used to run their agencies for success, the participants enjoyed the food, the venue, and the opportunity to discuss and learn from one another in a live setting.

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