Is your agency having a tough time attracting new patients? Do you have new care services you would like to promote? Do you want to improve your agency’s credibility within the industry? These are common struggles agencies encounter in their day-to-day operations and care delivery. With new providers entering the healthcare sector every year, the competition is getting tighter and patients are given more choices and being more cautious about choosing their healthcare provider.  So, the important question is, how do you gain a new client’s trust? The answer? Through Client Testimonials.

It is not enough that you say you’re good at what you do. Every business says that about themselves at one point or another. Client testimonials, on the other hand, are a way of telling your potential clients to not just take your word for it, but to take your current clients’ words for it instead. Just like when buying a new phone, the first thing you do, especially if you do not know anything at all about phones, is to go online and read or watch customer reviews. You are then more inclined to buy a particular brand when the person who made the review is someone you know and trust. Looking for a home health or hospice agency is no different. When a friend, a relative, or an acquaintance has had a positive experience about that provider, you tend to consider that provider more over others.

If you’re looking to attract more patients and grow your agency, here are three (3) simple tips for getting client testimonials to work for you:

  1.     Keep it real.

There is no use in fabricating or paying for customer feedback or reviews. Aside from it being unethical, your patients are smarter than you give them credit for. They would know if what your current patients are saying is genuine and out of pure satisfaction from the service you provided. If you lied about small things like this, you can lie or fabricate bigger things.  And the last thing you would want to lose is your credibility. So, keep it real.

  1.     Work for it.

You can only keep client testimonials genuine if you earned them. How can you do that? Simply by consistently providing excellent and quality service. When you do well and you do it well every time, people cannot help but share the word with others. That is why you have to work for it to earn that positive client feedback.

  1.     Don’t be shy to ask.

As much as we would like for client feedback to be purely organic, without need for any prompting from the business, sometimes a little nudge is necessary. Make it a habit to ask for feedback from your patients and make sure you ask both straightforward (e.g., Are you happy or satisfied with our service?) and thought–provoking (e.g., How would you describe your experience with us?) questions. If you receive something positive, then share it on your marketing channels whether that be on your website, social media pages, brochures, etc. If you receive something negative and it has merit, then you take it and use it to improve your service the next time.

You can showcase what your agency can offer to potential clients using tested and proven experiences of your existing clients. Through testimonials, you can persuade clients to try your service offerings and establish your credibility as a quality healthcare provider.

Data Soft Logic, as the software always on your side, is not afraid of asking for your feedback on our software solutions. We value what you say, whether it be positive or negative. Share your thoughts with us here and get a free COVID poster.

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