When you are choosing a software company for your agency, you shouldn’t just be looking for a great software, you should be looking for great support.

You want to an easy to reach support department for the software for your agency. Ideally, you should look for a software that provides multi-channel support so you can reach the support department in a variety of different ways. This way you can call, e-mail, or create a ticket over the web.


A support department that is responsive is also very important. When you call or e-mail the support department of your software you want to a have a response as soon as possible so that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. The longer it takes for them to respond to you, the longer it will take them to help you resolve your issue and get back to doing something productive for your home health or hospice agency. When a patient of yours is in distress and calls for help, its your response time that is most important. Apply that same standard to the customer support of the software vendor you are choosing. Don’t settle for anything less than world-class support.


You also want to consider a software that considers your business functionality. Do they do their updates outside of normal business hours so that your agency is impacted as little as possible? Do you they provide a mechanism for you to request additional features or changes to the software for your agency’s benefit? Remember, they won’t always make the changes you want but its good to know they are listening.


At Data Soft Logic we pride ourselves in our customer support wing. We consider our clients a part of our business and understand that their success is the primary purpose of everyone involved. We have extended support hours and also support hours on Saturday. We also have a Feature Enhancement request procedure so that we can take into consideration the recommendations of our clients in order to provide a software that fits the needs of our clients.

Software is a tool. It will only be as good as the people using it, just like any other tool. For example, a hammer in the hand of a construction is a much more powerful tool than if it was in the hands of a 2 year old. We want our software to be good, so we understand that it is our responsibility that you are good at using it. This is why we provide unlimited training and have the best support wing in the industry. We want our software to be good. You want our software to be good. We do everything we can to make sure at the end of the day we can all agree, our software is great.

Remember, you’re not just choosing a software, you’re choosing the support wing of your software provider as well.