Consultancy is one of the sectors which has proven itself to thrive regardless of market conditions. In the healthcare industry, consultants are hired to assist clients with decision-making. Contrary to how some people view it, consultancy is more than just giving advice. It primarily involves providing the client with the right information, making a diagnosis of their problems and providing recommendations based on that diagnosis, assisting with the implementation of the recommended solutions, facilitating the client’s learning to address similar problems that may arise in the future, and most importantly, improving the client’s organizational efficiencies. One of the most common uses of consulting in the home health and hospice sector is on EMR purchases. If you are a consultant looking to help your clients find the best-fit EMR solution, we give you the top three (3) reasons why Data Soft Logic should be your and your client’s top choice:

  1. Data Soft Logic is future-proof and future-ready.

It is an industry-known fact that a software’s average lifespan is only 6 to 8 years. For larger and more complex ones, this can increase up to 12 to 14 years. Some warning signs that your software is nearing the end of its life is when it starts showing longer running times and downtimes. This problem of software obsolescence is what DSL wants to address through our home health and hospice solutions with their new technology stack and framework. We aim to future-proof all our solutions through cross-browser compatibility, smart notes, and integrations with the latest healthcare trends such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), chronic care management (CCM), behavioral health integration (BHI) and transitional care management (TCM).

  1. Data Soft Logic is feature-rich.

We continue to improve our solutions year to year to empower agencies to deliver greater quality patient care. We innovate industry practices through our intelligent and powerful software solutions geared towards improving the overall patient care experience while ensuring our partners’ sustainability. We have a suite of applications spanning from point of care, billing, scheduling, accounting, to human resources that will make day-to-day operations more convenient and easier. We continue to introduce new and improved features in both Home Health Centre and Hospice Centre. In fact, just last year, Hospice Centre launched a more comprehensive, more compliant, and more convenient version of its Clinical Notes, CAP Report Calculator, and QAPI modules. Improvements to these features were anchored on surveyors’ comments and customer experience to ensure Hospice Centre is suited to an agency’s workflow. On the other hand, Home Health Centre launched its Notice of Admission (NOA) feature in preparation for the anticipated NOA changes this 2022.

  1. Data Soft Logic’s solutions are made more intelligent.

Olympus Cloud, DSL’s full revenue cycle tool, is made more intelligent in Home Health Centre and Hospice Centre. It provides better connectivity to payment gateways and clearinghouses for a more seamless and accurate claim submission and reimbursement process. It also allows faster eligibility checks. With enhanced scrubbing and proofing capabilities, Olympus Cloud enables our solutions to have greater clinical and business intelligence to help in daily operations. In addition, our solutions are highly intuitive, focusing on user experience with the interface broken down into sections mirroring agencies’ business cycle processes, from patient intake to eligibility checks up until discharge, resulting in an EMR that does the work for home health and hospice agencies instead of the other way around.

We, at Data Soft Logic (DSL), believe that software should be on your side. We help agencies achieve maximum productivity by providing them with solutions that enable them to become more efficient and mobile, while remaining compliant in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare. With over 16 years of experience and understanding of home health and hospice culture and business, DSL has developed software solutions that definitely work for consultants and agencies alike. We know health care and we know software. Schedule a demo with us now to know how we can help you and your clients, too.

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