How Can I Boost My Agency’s Online Presence, Part 2


If you’ve completed Part 1, congratulations, you’re on your way to being found on the internet. Now let’s talk about some pointers to improve the visibility of your website. […]

How Can I Boost My Agency’s Online Presence, Part 22017-01-27T23:43:35-07:00

How Did the ICD-10 Transition Go for Your Agency?


After the big hullabaloo about the transition to ICD-10 last year, it looks like things have settled down. For the most part, Data Soft Logic’s home health software users haven’t seen any issues with their [...]

How Did the ICD-10 Transition Go for Your Agency?2016-04-19T07:11:00-07:00

Improve Patient Satisfaction, Improve HHCAHPS


Along with delivering quality healthcare, patient satisfaction has long been a focus of home health agencies nation-wide. It’s why we all went into the healthcare industry right? To keep people healthy. To keep people happy. With [...]

Improve Patient Satisfaction, Improve HHCAHPS2017-01-27T23:45:02-07:00

Verify Centre! – Electronic Visit Verification for Home Health


Can your agency benefit from Electronic Visit Verification? Data Soft Logic has introduced Verify Centre, a mobile app companion for our home health software. The app isn’t JUST visit verification. It’s so much more. [...]

Verify Centre! – Electronic Visit Verification for Home Health2017-01-27T23:46:58-07:00

ICD-10 Code Freeze to End Oct. 1st


In preparation for the transition to ICD-10 CMS froze the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes so that providers could transition as smoothly as possible. Well, spring is here and it looks like that freeze is coming [...]

ICD-10 Code Freeze to End Oct. 1st2016-04-19T07:11:05-07:00

Mobile Devices Have Impacted Healthcare, App-arently


Remember the days when you had a pen, a form, and a clipboard? Cycling back through various notes and looking for charts with those beautiful red tabs? Thank God you were saved by the software [...]

Mobile Devices Have Impacted Healthcare, App-arently2017-01-27T23:49:46-07:00

Speeding Up Your Browser


The internet is a lightning paced tool that enables you to do get information, give information, and communicate at immeasurable speed. So why is your computer going so SLOW?! Check out these tips to help [...]

Speeding Up Your Browser2017-01-27T23:50:48-07:00

The Cloud Defined, Kind Of


The cloud is a term that has become popular in the last 10 years or so. You’re probably using the cloud now in your personal life, and if you are a Data Soft Logic client, [...]

The Cloud Defined, Kind Of2017-01-28T00:08:46-07:00

8 Tips To Building a Strong Referral Relationship


In order to succeed in any business having good referral sources may be one of the most important things. It doesn’t matter if you are selling tires (you’d want a good referral relationship with towing [...]

8 Tips To Building a Strong Referral Relationship2017-01-28T00:09:58-07:00

CAHSAH Celebrates 50 Years!


For 50 great years the California Association for Health Services at Home has been supporting the home care industry.  The wonderful folks there have been providing advocacy, education, and information reflecting the diversity of the [...]

CAHSAH Celebrates 50 Years!2016-04-17T22:56:12-07:00