Why We Use ASP.NET


At Data Soft Logic we have chosen to use ASP.NET as the framework of our hospice software, home health software, and therapy software. Want to know why? […]

Why We Use ASP.NET2017-01-27T23:06:36-07:00

Things to Think About If You Want to Start a Home Health Agency


Everyone wants the American Dream, and there is almost no better representation than owning your business. What better type of business to own than one that provides care for the community?! Here’s some things to [...]

Things to Think About If You Want to Start a Home Health Agency2017-01-27T23:12:44-07:00

How To Choose an EHR (software) for Your Home Health or Hospice?


Choosing an EHR for your hospice or home health can be an overwhelming task. Is the software actually going to make your daily operations easier? Is the salesperson just telling you what they think you [...]

How To Choose an EHR (software) for Your Home Health or Hospice?2017-01-27T23:17:08-07:00

Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today!


If you are a home health or hospice software user, chances are you are using a Windows PC at the office. Make sure you uninstall QuickTime for Windows today! […]

Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today!2016-04-19T07:10:44-07:00

Superior Connected Care


Data Soft Logic is a creator of web-based software that is powerful and meaningful with simplicity of use for superior connected care at point of delivery. We are proud to have partnered with home health, [...]

Superior Connected Care2017-01-27T23:34:18-07:00

The Benefits of Point of Care Technology


The use of point-of-care technology has a direct impact on the quality of health care. Technology enables home health and hospice providers to be more informed while rendering their services. How does point-of-care technology improve [...]

The Benefits of Point of Care Technology2017-01-27T23:36:50-07:00

What Language Does Your Software Vendor Speak?


Communication is important in any business, and being a software vendor in the healthcare sector, we understand how vital it is to our clients success. Here’s some of the languages we speak at Data Soft [...]

What Language Does Your Software Vendor Speak?2017-01-27T23:39:30-07:00

How to Keep Your Employees Happy


Keeping your home health or hospice agency’s staff happy is important to your success (and probably HHCAPS rating). Here’s some tips on how you can keep them happy. […]

How to Keep Your Employees Happy2017-01-27T23:40:53-07:00