Home Health Software is in essence a form of Electronic Medical Record. The primary objective is to automate all of the processes involved at a home health care agency. Home health software is designed to ensure that all the steps in Home Health Outcome & Assessment Information Set (OASIS) are followed. Ensuring data security and HIPAA compliance are equally important. Lets take a look at some of the things you should be looking for.

Improvement in Patient Care

Home Health software allows providers to access patient health records anytime, anywhere. All reports are available to the physician as well. It provides flexibility in the care techniques to meet patient requirements. Alerts can be set up for emergency situations. These real-time alerts means there is less likely to be a gap in care and the healthcare delivery model improves.  All medical information can be shared with other members of the team for better coordination, a vital aspect to not only delivering quality care, but also improving an agency’s efficiency.

Compliances Can Be Met

Data is entered into the system only once, which reduces errors and inconsistencies. If people have to fill out the same information on various forms, it introduces the element of human error to the documentation environment. A software that addresses this issue minimizes the opportunity for data to not be transferred accurately. All regulatory forms – 485, 486, 487 – are completed seamlessly. The software is designed to be compliant with all regulation, such as HIPAA and OASIS.

The entire home health care process is streamlined, which increases efficiency. Billing systems are built into the software. This ensures the accurate and fast conversion of agency charting into claims, reducing the turn-around time and issues with claims processing. Similarly, nursing notes are integrated to the system as well.

Cost Effective

Home Health Software is a cost-effective option for home health care providers. It saves on infrastructure costs. Believe it or not, paper is quite a large expense for agencies that aren’t using an EHR. It is also possible to prevent fraudulent billing. Home health care providers can focus on patient care, instead of worrying about other external factors, with the help of home health software.

Home Health software vendors will have either a web based system or a server based system. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but the most important consideration is which suits the home health care providers needs better. The upfront investment of web based systems is lower to the home health care provider in comparison to server based systems. Without the need to purchase on-site servers (which can be fairly expensive) an agency can start leveraging the power of the software vendors infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of the more traditional server based model. In the case of a server based system, an In-House IT is usually required to handle the maintenance of the system (again, an extra cost.)

Communicate Your Needs

Before meeting various home health software vendors and evaluating their systems, home health care providers need to understand their requirements. This will enable them to make an informed decision and also communicate their needs to the prospective vendor clearly. If there are any unique requirements or needs of the home health agency, they can be assured the vendor has a solution for it. Make sure you clearly communicate what you need with your potential vendors. In order to do this, you should clearly communicate with the various members of your agency to see what their needs from a software might be before you approach vendors. Once you and your team have a good idea of what you need, make sure you explain to the vendor your needs and get a clear answer.

Some Key Home Health Software Features You Should Look For

Billing Integration
Charting Integration
Batch Billing
Drug Interaction Integration
Oasis Validation Tools
Reporting Tools
Pecos Integration
Eligibility Checking
Intake Wizards
HR Integration
Scheduling Integration
Payroll Integration
Mobile App Integration
Visit Verification Integration
Convenient Lookups
Patient Alerts and Notifications
Employee Alerts and Notifications


Its best to take this decision slowly and thoroughly. If you haven’t found a software vendor that has what you need, keep looking. There are a lot of software vendors that provide their own way of handling the needs of home health agencies (Google it, there are a lot.) So keep searching, doing demos, and doing follow-ups until you find the vendor that is the best fit for you and your agency. Take the time to make this important decision properly.

To check out more tips on choosing the right home health software for your agency, click here.

Our Products

Home Health Software : Home Health Centre

Hospice Software : Hospice Centre

Therapy Software : Therapy Centre

Mobile Apps: Verify Centre

Some of Our Features

Hipaa Compliant

With state of the art co-located HIPAA compliant infrastructure you can have peace of mind that your data is secure and your agency is provided with a comprehensive backup and data storage plan. We do the IT work so you don’t have to.

Physician Portal

An easy to use physician portal means that your doctors can log in, review patient care, and get orders signed in real time. Saving the doctor time and money is a great marketing tool to. Grow your referral sources by providing them with an easy to use physician portal. We also have a HIPAA compliant physician e-mailer that will let your doctors know when they have an order to be signed via e-mail.

Comprehensive ICD-10 Code Integration

An intelligent integration of the ICD-10 code library means that your agency can use the features of our intelligent code search that will help you find the right code faster. Let our software help you find the right code faster, so you can make more money, faster.

Drug Database Integration

Having a useful drug database means that your agency can get real time drug information from a HUGE library of drugs. Oh, and lets not forget to mention that our system checks for drug interactions too.

Integrated Billing

We made sure we designed a comprehensive system. This includes billing to. Let our system give you a heads-up on which claims are ready for submitting and help you get your claims submitted electronically, easily. Making money doesn’t need to be complicated.

Intake Wizard

Simplifying the intake process means your agency can get your patients admitted faster so you can get to the work you need to do and the work that you get paid for. Integrated eligibility checking means that you can zip through the wizard and start seeing your patients!

Real Time Alerts

An intelligent alerting system means that you get the info you need, when you need it, so you can respond to your patients care and agency needs fast. Leverage the benefits of our cloud based system so your’e agency can start working in real time.

Physician Library

With our built in physician library you can find the physicians you need and copy information over directly from the Pecos library. Eliminate error by taking information directly from the library and save time by not having to manually enter information.

Oasis Management

Use our extensive Oasis management features. Scrub your Oasis to check for errors and inconsinsties and use our intelligent validation interface to quickly correct any issues within the Oasis. Track timelines for Oasis submission easily and create batch files for Oasis export to save you time.

HR Tools

Streamline the HR process by tracking licenses and certifications to receive advance alerts of any expirations so your agency can stay compliant. Simplify payroll using our payroll processing tools that can capture multiple payrates for your staff and companies you work with.

Mobile App

Use our mobile app to capture GPS verification, patient signature, daily routes, and enhance agency wide communication. You can do charting on it too! Oh, by the way, no internet, no problem. The mobile app offers offline charting that will sync up when you are back to an internet connection.


Powerful Reporting

A powerful reporting system means you can run the reports you need to maximize your agency’s potential. With a huge library of reports running through various departments of your agency you can start making intelligent decisions for your agency and move it in the right direction to continue growing, increasing revenue, and maximizing profit.

We have a lot of other features in our software too. Schedule a demo and learn more about how our software can help your agency.

Our Philosophy

We are a technology company that believes that software should help its users take control of their lives. This means that our software is developed in a way that gives our clients the most control possible. It has never been our intent to design a software to force our clients to conform to what we think are best practices, but rather to provide the tools that help our clients run their business, the way they want. This core philosophy has resulted in us focusing our energy and expertise on the technology side of things. We have made sure our software is fast, simple, and intelligent, and let our clients decide how they want to run their agency.

For an even faster, more seamless user experience, we are releasing “The Lightning Experience for Home Health Centre” in Spring of 2017.