With Data Soft Logic’s physician portal agencies can cut down time spent on getting documentation completed by physicians. Saving time means saving money.Our physician portal provides easy to use access for the physician’s your agency works with. Our cloud-based system means your physicians can log in from anytime, anywhere, to complete the tasks they need so your agency AND your physicians can get their work done as fast as possible.

Here’s some of the benefits of our physician portal.

Improve patient care. With the quicker turn around time and easy access for your physicians and clinical staff your agency’s care coordination will improve.

Save time. By eliminating paper you are able to get the things you need from your physician without having to deal with the turn-around time of faxes and paperwork. The physician portal works in REAL TIME.

Increase revenue. Spending less time on paperwork means that you have more time to focus on patients. Having more time to focus on patients mean you will have made time available for your agency to add numbers to its census and increase your agency’s revenue.

Improve relationships with physicians. By providing phsyciains with an easy way for them to work with your agency, they will LOVE you. Remember, you aren’t just saving your agency time, you are saving the physician time.


We also have  a feature that sends the physician an e-mail letting them know an order is ready for their signing. They simply click in the e-mail and it takes them to a HIPAA compliant portal and allows them to e-sign the order.

And here’s the best part. The physician portal doesn’t cost extra. It is included with your subscription to any of our products.