Can your agency benefit from Electronic Visit Verification?

Data Soft Logic has introduced Verify Centre, a mobile app companion for our home health software. The app isn’t JUST visit verification. It’s so much more.

Visit Verification

Let’s start with the basics. It does in fact include geolocation based check-in and check-out. So your staff in the field can check-in and their location can be recorded by GPS. They can visit the patient and provide the services needed and then check out. This will record the time of the visit. Another component essential for any visit verification software is the patient signature. Using the app your field staff can have the patient (or guardian) sign off on your home health visit. Visibility is the key here. This doesn’t just provide visibility for the management team of your agency, but it also provides visibility for any auditors when they come a knocking.


Now, lets go a bit further. If you don’t have an internet connection, no problem, the app allows you to create offline discipline visit notes. This is especially helpful if you’re visiting a location that has a bad cell signal and no internet connection. You don’t need to fill the notes out on paper. Just use the offline capabilities and it can sync up later when you can establish a connection. An app is really only useful if it can help you break the constraints of requiring a connection, because out in the field, it is hard to control that kind of thing.

Quick Access

There’s a quick access menu that can help you see the scheduled visits you have coming up so you know whats on your plate. Also, you can see the route you have to take to get your visits done today! The map feature is pretty handy because it takes your scheduled visit’s addresses and gives you a heads up on where you have to go so you don’t need to waste time routing your whole day. Smart design means you don’t have to waste time navigating around the app, because an app should be a tool to increase efficiency, not to make your work harder.


For each patient, there is a calendar view so you can see what the next scheduled visit for a patient is. A nice touch as your finishing up your current visit is to let the patient know when you will be seeing them again. (these little things can help improve your Home Health Compare rating)

Private Messaging

The app also includes HIPAA compliant private messaging that syncs up with Home Health Centre so you can send messages to the office or any other part of the care team from within the app.

Software is supposed to help your home health agency so we have designed our app to be useful and easy. Your agency can focus on delivering quality patient care with the tools we deliver to make your care delivery model run smoother and improve care coordination amongst your team.

You can find the mobile app on Google PlayTM and the AppleTM Store. Make sure you are downloading Verify Centre for home health and get started today.

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